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Embrace the Hybrid.

We accompany leaders and organizations as they navigate change, embrace hybrid possibilities, and align their work with their mission.

Our Approach

We are a multi-disciplinary, ecumenical team of experienced educators, digital ministry pioneers, faith formation professionals, congregational pastors, and trained coaches.

We’ll help you recalibrate and meet change in a way that is aligned to your values, informed by your contexts, and grounded in clear objectives. Learning Forte is about connecting you with the path that will do just that.

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Our Services

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Connect with Us

Book a meeting.

Set up an inquiry call to learn about our collaborative consulting processes. We’re committed to right-sizing our services for your unique needs.


Visit the LF! Hub.

On our learning platform we translate digital tools, learning theories, and conceptual frameworks into the language of congregations and non-profits.



Check out our podcast.

Join a digital community where we share lived experiences and ponder learnings that challenge us to integrate collective wisdom for the common good.



Our Blog

Getting Your Church's Website Ready for Christmas

Stop. Before you read any further, grab your mobile phone and pull up your church’s website. Now find information about your church's Christmas worship services. Is there information about Christmas services on the website? Is the ...
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Eat Your Veggies! Tracking Growth as Vital to Learning and Leading

Each time our kids go to the doctor, we leave with little post-it notes of data...none more important than their height. They love to track their growth. So much so we have a dedicated wall in the kitchen with pencil markings and dates for just...
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